Gina Gerson also known as Doris Ivy, Gina, Gina H., Gina Gezson, Lisa, Liza, Manuela, Maya, Penelope, Valentina Dzherson or Valya was born on 17 May 1991 in Russia.

Her real name is Valentina Lashkeeva.

She grew up with her stepfather and her mother. She never saw her real father. Her mother was only 17 years old when Gina Gerson was born. Unfortunately, the relationship with her stepfather was never really good. He was part of the Russian Mafia and her family life was anything but quiet.

In 2008 Gina Gerson graduated from school and left home to study. At this time Valentina didn't know about her Gina Gerson Porn career. She studied in Siberia at the Faculty of International Languages ("Francs main") and was supposed to become a teacher and/or interpreter.

But as she one day saw an advertisement "We are looking for webcam models" while going for a walk, Gina became curious! After a short conversation she suddenly became a webcam model in the evening after her studies. This is exactly where the great Gina Gerson Porn career began!

Through the 2 years in the webcam business she got a lot of attention from all the people, but she hardly had time for her private life. At the age of 19 she meets her first boyfriend. She had her first sex with him! The webcam business has continued at this time secretly.

There she also got an irresistible offer from a guy from her chat - her first porn shoot. Gina Gerson wanted to try it for a long time, so she accepted immediately. 

Gina Gerson's porn career started in 2010 and she was actually very happy in this business. Since August 2015 she is now also independent from various model agencies and self-reliant in the porn business.

In Gina Gerson Porn Videos you can expect everything! There is actually nothing she wouldn't do to make her partner happy. Her trademarks are thin body, anal sex and sweet baby face.

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