Our sweet Katya! The little one was born on 08 January 1997 in Mexico. Katya dropped out of school and started to work a lot. She actually wanted to train as a nurse and would never have had in mind to start a Katya Rodriguez Porn career.

Actually she really liked the job in the hospital, but unfortunately, she was quit there. Well, as we all know, you have to get money somehow! Katya had up to 3 side jobs to somehow finance her life. At some point, all this became too much for her and she started to perform at Chaturbate in front of the cam. 

Of course she notices that she earns a lot of money from her other jobs. By the way, she really liked to present herself in front of the camera.

So Katya Rodriguez decided to try Porn again! She moved to LA to just test what it's like and if she likes it. In fact, she only wanted to stay there for 2 weeks to try different things. In the end she stayed much longer. Quite simply because she really liked everything!

She was only 19 years old! Isn't that hot?

And what is also quite funny, Katya likes big tits! just also because she has little ones herself. But just that doesn't make her attractive? A young girl with sweet breasts. Wow.

By the way, has she ever heard the name Veronica Rodriguez? Yes exactly, that's her big sister!!!

That means this concentrated Latina Power is available twice. And both of them are in the porn industry! Katya says that she was never forced by her sister or anything like that. She did this of her own free will and still is happy with her Katya Rodriguez porn career!

All the better, the more great material is available to us consumers, isn't it?

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