Like any other business in the world, beginnings in the adult porn industry are, and only the strongest make it to the top! And being an acknowledged pornstar definitely means that you are on the top of your business! The hero of this story is one of the beginners but, if it's to judge by the small sample of her work, the bright future is waiting for her!

For all of you who like to see a one hundred percent natural Russian girls, she is a must, and when you see all she has to offer, you will fall in love with this magical babe! I know that you are impatient to see who are we talking about, and that's why I will present one of the hottest newcomers in the world of porn!

With no further ado, I give you, the stunning blonde babe named Lady Jay! I know that a lot of you will ask why the heck we should watch Lady Jay porn? And that's the best question in the world when it comes to this topic!

In the following lines, I will try to explain why you should do that, and why that will be such a marvelous experience to all of you!

Lady Jay was born in Russia, 21 years ago! This lovely teen with beautiful eyes and a pretty face has a perfect figure, and she is 5'4 inches tall! Speaking of her figure, I'm not a numbers person, sort of say, I care more if something is likable to my eye! Further explained, this would mean that I don't care what the numbers say about a girl, I lay trust in my own visual impression! But, in this case, the numbers are right, and her 32C-26-30 figure is just a perfect sight!

One of the most significant assets this babe has and the thing that will most likely launch her high in the adult entertainment sky are her boobs! If you are a fan of natural tits, perfectly shaped and pretty large, Lady Jay porn action will attract you more than anything! Just watching these two jewels on her flawless body bouncing while she is riding a dick is something that is hard to forget! 

When speaking of her porn legacy so far, it is not big, but it is worthy! I'd say she cares more about the quality than quantity! She has a few scenes, as I said before, she is just scratching the surface of the porn world, but we all have to admit that this babe is a natural talent! Whether acting in the solo scenes, which seems to fits her the most, kissing other girls in hot lesbian action, or having hardcore fun with some well-endowed dude, Lady Jay always finds a way to impress her viewers!

For all who are interested in the zodiac, she is Gemini (the twins), and like all twins, this lovely Russian girl is pretty sensual! Luckily for all of us, we can see that sensuality literally screaming out of her while she is performing.

To conclude, Lady Jay is one of the hottest porn stars coming from Russia! We can say that she is the leader of the newcomers and based on her phenomenal body, pretty face, superb boobs, and the fire burning in her lovely eyes in all her scenes, this babe is going to be remembered!

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