Big Tits MILF Alexis Fawx POV Scene - These are the erotic pictures!

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Thu, 06 Jun 2019

If you watched the 2018 porn awards, you would remember the incredible moment when Alexis Fawx was made porn star of the year due to this Alexis Fawx POV scene (Don’t get it sad, I wasn’t there too). Here in these pictures are the best carefully selected porn pictures that will thrill your sex buds. You will be shocked that the horny milf in these pictures shows no remorse when it comes to fucking and being fucked hard. Alexis is not any bitch mate when it comes to proper dick fucking. 

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I know you are anxious and want to view the pictures (that is if you haven’t), but before then, let’s talk about the porn star in this scene. As earlier said, Alexis Fawx is a renowned award-winning porn star that specializes in premium cock fucking. All my life of watching porn, I have not seen this hot milf acting as a lesbian before (she is addicted to dick and dicks only). 

Her area of specialization is the point of view (POV) type of fucking. She prepares her pussy for some hardcore pounding sequel to any scene. Her hairless pussy is one of the things I love about her. The 43-year-old milf was born in Pennsylvania, and she rose to become a star in 2012 when she taught an amateur how to fuck hard and fast. Since then, Alexis Fawx POV scenes became something to watch out for.

 Now Let’s talk about what she was doing in these pictures. If you look at the first three pictures, you will see the hot milf getting into her fucking mood. She was stripping gently as she teases with her fine round ass. She was positioned drippy on the couch, ready for a cock to demolish her. Gently sliding her panties off, she shows off her shaved pussy as she fingers it hard. I must say her drippy pussy is what made me fall in love with her. After a short while, her miracle dick arrived, and she is ready to please it.

As an expert that she is, Alexis started by stroking and sucking the cock hard. She was literally in control of the big white dick for half an hour (you can see for yourself in the pictures). The milf hottie sucked the cock like it is her last. After making the cock wet with her mouth, she is ready to begin this Alexis Fawx pov fucking scene. She gently slides them into her pussy as she moans. She cries of self-fulfillment as she was getting deep strokes that made her eyes roll back.

I must say, Alexis Fawx is no one’s mate when it comes to doggie style fucking. You can clearly see how exceptional her ass is in this POV scene.