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Fri, 24 May 2019
MODEL: Kira Noir

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Taking a look at the first picture in this photo set, you will see the hoe dressed up like a gym instructor ready to get to work, but I guess she is not going to work her body out but rather her pussy and asshole will be the ones working out. Let’s talk a little bit about the model here. Kira Noir!!! I must say that this is one of the young models I am proud of nowadays. She has been representing the black culture with her juicy ass and drippy pussy. Going back to 2017 when she started porn fully, I remember her fucking the hell out of a guy.

Kira Noir is an ebony babe born in 1994. She usually wears long dreadlocks, and she has a little bit of natural American and Chinese in her (no wonder she can twist her body anyhow).  She started acting porn at the age of 20 after being a stripper. She tried fucking random guy, and it turns out that she was naturally high at it. One of her biggest motivation to join the porn industry is Bonnie Rotten. After seeing the tattooed freak, Bonnie Rotten perform at a strip club, she aspired to be the same type of performer. It is said that before Kira moved finally into porn, Kira didn’t sleep with many guys, but she sure as heck slept with a lot of girls. In fact, she used to think she was a lesbian, but her love for big and thick dick was cemented after starring in a few porn movies.

Today you will be seeing a gallery of Kira Noir about to get her nice ass smacked and fucked thoroughly. The hot blonde ordered a cab and behold it happens to be a porn actor she has longed to fuck. She did not hesitate to tell him that she needs his cock. They both moved to the back of the car to start some premium fucking session. The guy tore her white leggings abruptly to gain access to her pussy. He started sucking and licking the shaved black pussy right there till Kira couldn’t help it but scream hard as her black girl anal scene is coming to pass

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