Licking Her Ass - Dani Daniels and Valentina Nappi Taking it to other Level

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Thu, 14 Feb 2019
MODELS: Dani Daniels, Valentina Nappi

Imagine this: One day, you wake up in a fancy place, with swimming pool, a lot of rooms, great kitchen fantastic bedroom with a huge and comfortable bed! The moment you wake up and open your eyes, something magical starts to happen! Two amazing brunette babes start to take their clothes off and to have the best lesbian action in the world, just in front of you!

What would you do?

Think about it! 

In this amazing photo set in front of you, two brunette babes are really having the best lesbo action ever and you will enjoy watching lovely Valentina Nappi and Dani Daniels.

These famous pornstars are living the dream which is mentioned above! As soon as they woke up, they started kissing each other and Dani started imagining how awesome would be is Valentina started licking her ass! It was something that turns this slutty babe a lot and when Valentina understood what she really wants, she brought the game to whole other level!

Babes started kissing and licking each other's cunts, and they had a lot of fun with their bushes! Pussies started to be so wet that babes moaned and screamed out of pleasure! They both enjoyed like never before and by the look in their eyes, you can tell that this lesbian action was something that both of them will remember it for the rest of their life!

The thing got hotter for Dani and when Valentina started at her ass, she groaned and laughed of excitement. Feeling that soft tongue in her anal hole is something that turned her on like nothing else, and she was ready to return a favor to her gorgeous lover! Valentina sensed that licking her ass will only make Dani happier so she continued showing her amazing ass licking skills!

When she satisfied Dani, Valentina just moved aside lied on the bed and spread her legs! It was Dani's turn!

Because Valentina gave all she had to satisfy her, she decided to return the favor with the same intensity! She immediately started licking it, you know what i mean ;) and man, what a feeling was that for lovely Valentina!

Licking this ass with that nice tongue, moving it up and down, fingering her pussy at the same time, and moaning of pleasure made Dani the best lover in the world! Valentina was out of her mind while she was licking her ass and providing the best lesbian experience ever!

After they exchanged poses, it was time to bring this action to another level! Babe's enjoyed 69 poses and each of them was experiencing something they have never before! Feeling tongues in asses, talking dirty, fingering pussies and having fun with bushes only made them even hornier! Asslicking was something both of them had on their mind because they knew that that will have a magical effect!

So, with licking her ass will make her happy motto, babes continued this stunning lesbian action and after some time they both reached the peak simultaneously!