Sexy Japanese girl sucks and rides a big cock- See this Asian babe in control of a big cock

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Wed, 01 May 2019
MODEL: Marica Hase

The unique thing about a sexy Japanese girl is that they have small tits yet they fuck so hard. My personal belief is that the smaller the tits, the softer the fuck. My mentality changed when I viewed these pictures. It made me believe little tit babes can fuck the hell out of you if you are not careful. The Japanese girl for this case study is Marica Hase. I know you are wondering why an American name (I guess she was not born in Japan).

This babe is showcasing her erotic expertise in seduction before anything happens next. If you follow the pictures serially, you will see that she presented herself in the form of a queen to two guys that had to lift her to the room. Marica was a little bit drunk, so she was a little bit wild. She climbed the piano and then placed a rose flower on her dripping pussy (classic move). The pianist had no other choice but to concentrate on her pussy rather than the keys he was playing. 

Marica made a nice move by sliding her panties to the side so that the pianist can suck her pussy.  The guy fell for her trap and started licking the hell out of the sexy Japanese girl’s shaved pussy. He ended up fucking her brains out on the couch in different styles.