American Anal Dreams with Monique Alexander! Simply Amazing!

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Tue, 08 Jan 2019

Have you ever been rewarded for your good and dedicated work? I mean, really rewarded, not to get just what you deserved... If you work something, getting paid is not equal to getting rewarded, you understand? So let's say, if you are a pool guy, getting the money for your service is just a normal thing to get, but getting something besides that is a reward...

So, have you ever been rewarded?

If not, maybe you haven't been so great at what you do! Maybe your employees are not that kind and they don't care about things like that... Who knows... Why I'm even asking you all of this? Ok, I will let you know... 

You may be or may be not rewarded, but if you want to see how that looks like, I have something special for you! In this amazing American anal scene, you will see how one amazing redhead boss rewards her hardworking employee.

I'm talking about real, hardcore American anal action, with stunning redhead pornstar who is familiar to all of us! Yeah, redhead bombshell, with sexy tattoos and a perfectly shaped body, Monique Alexander is an American dream comes true girl, and she will rock your world!

In this amazing scene, Monique is in her fancy pool, and she is having fun while posing in her all American bikini. She is showing her seductive body, sexy tits, slutty face, and she is eager to take on some cock and to enjoy some American anal action! Her asshole is a perfect place for a hard cock, and she simply cannot wait to feel a fat male spear inside of it!

After getting his job done, Johnny, the pool boy was called to some sort of meeting. A meeting with his employee and Monique, the wife... When he realized that his gift is she, he was stunned! He couldn't believe what the heck is happening, but he gladly accepted the present!

The slutty mistress told him not to worry, but to relax and took things in her hands! Literally! She pulled his big dick out, she was thrilled by the shape and size of it, and she started sucking it like a pro! She enjoyed while having this thick thing in her mouth and she moaned out of pleasure while pleasing her pool boy!

While feeling it deep in her throat, Monique felt a huge urge for a hardcore all American anal action, and she took steps towards it. She lied on the sofa, lift her legs straight in the air and begged him to fuck her! 

His pulsating rod was rocking her pussy walls, stretching her and making her scream out of pleasure, but when he stuck it deep in her tight asshole, she felt like never before! Fucking a tight ass of this stunning beauty was a dream come true for a pool boy and she really enjoyed every second of this hardcore action.

In the end, this amazing American anal action ended up with a huge load of white jizz on the slutty and smiled face of a famous Monique Alexander!