CUM EATING! Stepsisters concluding that this might heal the throat problems!

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Tue, 22 Jan 2019
MODELS: Jenna Reid, Katya Rodriguez

When someone is in pain or feeling very bad, a necessary help and good caring are more than needed. And luckily for this young girl, she has someone to give her an appropriate advice that will help with her problems.

Namely, one of these babes is having sore throat difficulties while the second one offers her cum eating as a potential cure for her complication.

At the first, she was shocked but slowly she realizes that something really unexpected could actually help her, therefore she agrees and is willing to try some cum eating, to see what happens!

Since her boyfriend was out of town, she didn't have a proper source for some sperm, but the second sister thinks of alternative solutions and calls their stepbrother who could potentially make it up for their cum eating desires!

Again, the girl in pain was unpleasantly surprised but soon enough she accepted and the raunchy banging begin! After having a raunchy step relation pounding, the caring brother pulls his cock out of sis's sweet pussy and fills her cup of tea with loads of sperm which will be a perfect cum eating dose, that will cure pain in her throat.

Seeing these youngsters cooperating and helping to each other makes me think that sometimes the weirdest advice given by someone from your surrounding, could be a perfect solution to personas which are in need of some help, so when a brother or a friend says you need to do some cum eating, better listen to him!