Cum on Breasts- A general fucks his hostess and cums on her big tits

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Tue, 21 May 2019
MODEL: Tia Cyrus

If you are a fan of big titties like me, you will know that having cum on breasts is the most excellent feeling ever. Amid the world going into extinction, these guys still found some time to fuck and drill each other hard.

This general is in the lab to see some of the species that are about to take over the earth, then he found a rare gem and a golden girl. He found her completely naked, then he decided to have a taste of what an alien pussy feels like. I am sure that he was not disappointed because the pussy tasted too awesome and excellent for him to believe. 

He couldn’t resist eating Tia Cyrus (the alien) clit till he cannot feel his face anymore. After half an hour eating and sucking the pussy, the talented guy decides to take a break and let his cock do the job. The fake alien started moaning and screaming hard because they don’t have dicks as big as that and they were not fucked like that where she came from. The general drilled her to stupor till she was crying of joy and pleasure. The guy kept on digging her without stopping. I must say, this babe is phenomenal. She made a general fuck her and cum on her breasts.