Cum On Her Back - Gina Gerson

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Sat, 24 Nov 2018
Gina Gerson is one really, really hot teen and like all young people, she has her needs and wishes. Looking amazing like this only helps her to get what she wants with ease. Today, when she woke up, I think she had just one thing on her mind: to get fucked hard and to get some cum on her back. And that's the goal she aimed for... 

She put on tight shorts, showing her sexy legs and a regular t-shirt but the fire in her just kept growing. She lied on her sofa, started touching herself and imaging that some horny and handsome dude is rocking her hard right now. Her wish came true and muscled guy came in the room, bringing a lust and determination to fuck her and to cum on her back with him!

Gina was delighted. She immediately dropped to her knees and started sucking this fat cock like a pro, making it grow big and hard. Every pulse in this dong made her hornier than she was and it was only the matter of time when she will feel that mighty male spear deep inside her! When that happened, Gina screamed out of joy and pleasure and the real action started. She felt every inch of dick in her pussy and you can see that she was enjoying like few times in her life. One action led to another, they change poses, licked each other's neck, grabbing asses, while making a dirty and nasty noise. Gina enjoyed every second of this amazing action and when she found a spot where her lover is vulnerable, she just pushed the tempo! In the doggy style pose, getting fucking hard by a good looking guy, Gina made him cum and reached her goal - she got fucked hard and got a warm cum on her back!