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Mon, 22 Apr 2019
MODEL: Davina Davis

This fit girl fucks like it is the last thing she will ever do on earth. She is slurping and taking in the cock badly. She is getting the cock deep into her throat. I have not seen a sex scene this amazing. Let me tell you how it all happened:

The big tits babe is back from the gym, and she needs to swim and stretch her legs wide to relax her mind. She goes for a deep in the swimming pool, then her gym instructor came by to drop her bag and also to help her stretch, but something remarkable happened in the process. The hot babe could not hold herself anymore. She is keen to be fucked in different styles and positions. She grabbed his dick by the tip and put it all in her mouth.

At first, the instructor was not understanding what was happening because Davina Davis has not been this slutty. The guy was scared to lose his job, so he helped her achieve sexual satisfaction by fucking her hard. I have not seen fucking this intense in all my life. The hot brunette couldn’t help it but moan hard as she was fucked.

After a while fucking, they decided to move things to the bedroom. This is where the real action happened. I will say this is my favorite fit girl fuck scene.