Fuck Me Silly - Monique Alexander gave a new meaning to the Expression

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Fri, 28 Dec 2018

Being in a healthy relationship is one of the main goals of every couple, but also, that's one of the toughest tasks to fulfill! Why? Because you have a lot of things to do in order to make it happen! You need to have your own place, your own car, enough money for some new clothes, dinners, and lunches at restaurants, traveling and visiting new destinations and so on... But, what is the most important thing in a relationship? 

Don't be fooled by the many so called doctors and others who claim that trust, respect, and stuff like that are that foundation glue when it comes to the relationships - it's SEX!

Having a good sex life is all you need, everything else you will somehow manage to achieve! 

Just ask this stunning redhead beauty, Monique Alexander, what she thinks about it and you will understand! When she came with her boyfriend and one more couple to the new vila they both, she was thrilled! Just looking at this luxury made babe satisfied for the moment, but that all got not so important when her man and she went out to choose their living room.

As it comes, as soon as they found the perfect room, they started fucking, but, Monique was not satisfied at all! She was fucked softly from behind even though she begged him... She moaned fuck me silly, but her partner just couldn't do that...

She got angry, and she went out... In the hall, she heard screams of satisfaction. Checking what happens, she discovered that her big boobed blonde friend and her lover are having hardcore sex, so she decided to spy on them, and started rubbing her cunt! She wanted to be roughly fucked, not to beg "fuck me silly" or something like that...

Monique was eager to feel that cock of her friend's lover, so when she spotted him in the kitchen, she easily seduced him with a sloppy blowjob. He loved the way babe was sucking his fat prick and he knew that she is one nasty slut who really likes to be fucked hard, unlike his girlfriend! 

The two of them ended up in the kitchen, Monique was lying on the kitchen table, all naked, exposing her stunning body, sexy tattoos, and nice boobs, with legs lifted in the air and a big dick deep in her cunt!


She got what she wanted! A hard fuck! The man wrecked her pussy in several poses and made her moan and groan while enjoying an ultimate sexual pleasure! "Fuck me silly" became history, "Fuck me hard" present! 

After rough action which made them both sweaty and shiny, while enjoying each other's in the most erotic ways known to the man, babe dropped to her knees, and begged for some cum on her face! And, who would say no to the famous pornstar beauty Monique Alexander!