Gina Gerson Feet

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Sun, 25 Nov 2018
Aren't small narrow and elegant feet something great? Gina Gerson's feet are probably exactly what you're bulging right now. The already slim Gina has at least as slim and elegant feet. And yes, damn it, she knows how to use them!

Tony just wanted to read a book. But Gina is just too horny straight and has desire for more. She sits down to Tony and distracts him quite nicely. She puts her elegant Gina Gerson feet on his book and starts driving up and down. He just can't resist.

Slowly he starts to kiss her feet. As he takes Gina's toes in his mouth and gently sucks and laughs her nipples become very hard.

After Tony's gentle massage she slowly starts to massage his big black penis with both feet. That's exactly what he likes. I mean this is not a Gina Gerson feet xxx video for nothing, right? But even in a horny feet porn may not be missing of course, the big cock sometimes in her tight little pussy to put. That's why he fucks her again right through, of course, before he concentrates again on her feet.

First he takes her slowly on the sofa. He gets faster and faster. Then the roles are swapped and Gina Gerson fucks him really nice through. Or should I better say she's riding his big black cock? She fucks him with her face to him, then she turns around and just goes on.

When he finally has enough of fucking, she takes his penis again in the mouth and gives him a sensitive blowjob. Oh man how he enjoys it. However, Gina doesn't manage to get the big cock all the way in her mouth. But that shouldn't bother him any further.

He splashes his big load of cum on Gina Gerson's feet, and Gina almost had another orgasm.