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Fri, 05 Apr 2019
MODELS: Isabella Nice, Summer Hart

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Isabella is back from work, and she sees her best friend, Summer Hart, laying down all alone. As a good friend, she offered to help her cure her boredom by watching a movie with her. The film was not working, so they decided to switch things up.

Summer Hart goes inside and brings the package they both ordered Two days ago, behold, it is a dildo! Isabella is thrilled, and she wants it badly in her pussy, but first, she has to satisfy her friend. Isabella took some lube and rubbed it on Summer’s asshole. She then started using the dildo to drill her asshole. She made sure she pushed the dildo deep into her asshole till she started moaning in different tunes. 

Now it is Summer’s turn to get drilled, she was reluctant at first, but then after a little fingering and pussy licking, she gave in. She was drilled harder than Isabella in this particular scene. Trust me these girls using dildos will be your favorite lesbian video. The two teen lesbians had the best dildo experience of their lives in this video.