Lara-CumKitten - Fucked in white Boots

Sat, 08 Dec 2018
MODEL: Lara CumKitten

Ah, it is once again the dirty amateur girl Lara-CumKitten, who today can be fucked really beautiful. Lara has already made a name for herself in the MyDirtyHobby scene and is no longer a stranger. But she is still a real amateur!

She enjoys being fucked again and again by her most loyal fans. She doesn't mince her words. Lara-CumKitten says what she thinks, that's exactly her character. She is also known for taking on any challenge. Today's challenge is to get him cum as fast as possible!

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Lara doesn't have to bring a blowjob or anything else in advance. He is already rock-hard and puts his cock directly into her tight pussy. I mean, she didn't want it any other way, the way she presents herself to him. And one thing I tell you the CumKitten is not shy to moan loudly during sex.

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