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Sun, 28 Apr 2019
MODEL: Layla Sin

Layla Sin video is known for eroticism, that is why most guys look forward to watching her videos. The hot brunette is back with another video that will thrill you and make you cum very hard. The babe is known for making men cum without even jerking off. You will see for yourself in this homemade scene.  It all started innocent and straightforward, but it ended up in intense pussy fucking. Layla sin is a real estate agent in this video, and she wants to sell a house for five hundred thousand dollars to a couple. 

During the inspection, the guy’s girlfriend went upstairs to check the other rooms in the house. While she was away, Layla was asking some sexual questions from the guy, and she started seducing him hard. Horny Layla dragged the guy to a secret room in the apartment and started sucking his cock and balls hard. The guy could not resist, he fell for the milf’s natural tits and ends up fucking Layla very hard. The guy bought the house because of her drippy pussy.

Layla had no idea of how big the guy’s cock is. If she knew, she wouldn’t have spread her legs that wide. In this Layla Sin video, Layla gets her pussy revamped.