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Thu, 02 May 2019
MODELS: Katana Kombat, Kenna James

I have seen a lot of lesbians, but yes, this one is exceptional. She is the only lesbian I have witnessed that knows her job very well. She has mastered the corners and spots that will make any woman cum. The lesbian mistress I am talking about is Kenna James. If you are familiar with her, you will know that she is a top notch in the porn world. In this video, Kenna James works for the hot porn star, Katana Kombat.

Katana was expecting her boyfriend to come and “service” her (you know what I mean) but he had to attend to an emergency.  Kenna thought of what to do to please her horny boss, so she took it upon herself to fuck and suck her. Luckily for Kenna, her boss was blindfolded so she couldn’t see who came into the room. The lesbian mistress was amazed by the sexy body of her boss. She started rubbing her hair and started fingering her so hard. Kenna was so turned on that her pussy started dripping.

The lesbian mistress found out her boss pussy is leaking of cum, so she fixed it by sucking her hard. She licked and fingered her pussy so hard that she started moaning of sexual satisfaction. I don’t think Katana has ever been fucked like this before.