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Sun, 25 Nov 2018
What do two crazy young women do when they're bored? - Lickingpussy. That's exactly what Lena and Kattie thought when they romped around the day. Okay, they didn't think it directly, it just happened. The whole day they were on the road together. The two have known each other for ages, so the inhibition threshold is probably lower.

When they had come a little to rest, Lena suddenly began to kiss. Kattie became quite warm. It gave her the feeling of being needed. And yes, she was needed, namely by Lena. After all, Lickingpussy couldn't be taken care of alone. You need a sensitive partner - and Kattie was exactly the right one. They had never tried anything like this before.

When the two undressed each other, they became very cold and the nipples of their small breasts became as hard as stone. With gentle kisses Lena slowly drove down to Katty's body until she finally arrived at her love hole. Lickingpussy could finally begin. Lena put her strained tip of her tongue into her hole again. The deeper, the better - that was what Kattie liked the most. It was just an indescribable feeling for her. But the tongue should not only be in her pussy.

In between Kattie instructed Lena to suck on her soft labia. The love experience was a dream for both, simply because they talked openly about what exactly they need and what makes them really hot. Lickingpussy is really not the only one. They kissed again and again until one of them finally reached her climax. Then it was the other one's turn.