Monique Alexander lesbian action with blonde teen! This is unbelievable

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Thu, 10 Jan 2019

I am not sure how the post about such an amazing scene should start, but let me give it a try... Have you ever had the impression that you are missing something even though at the first glance you have all you want? I mean, when you are well-situated in a material way, you have fancy cars, hot girl or man, big house, well-paid job and so on, but you woke up with the feeling that one part of you is not satisfied fully...?

Well, that's just how our lovely Monique Alexander is feeling these days... And you can see it right here! She is all depressed, even though she has a big swimming pool in her yard, a big fancy house, expensive clothes, and dresses, she doesn't have the thing she needs the most - a stiff cock to satisfy her sexual urge!

And that's a big problem, you have to admit!

She was eager to feel her man deep inside her, but, he was away... she called him, literally begged him to come home, but he was busy... So, she decided to take things in her hands...

On the other side, two pretty teens were in the middle of their adventure. They wanted to sneak in one big swimming pool so they did! As soon as they entered the yard, they were stunned by the luxury and the size of the pool... Elsa Jean and her friend hesitate to swim but eventually did that...

I hope you can find a connection between these two stories, right? Yeah, you got it... The pool belongs to Monique, and this blonde babe is going to be a part of a hot Monique Alexander lesbian action!

Because her husband was absent, this blonde babe was a perfect victim for slutty Monique Alexander lesbian satisfaction. Sexy bombshell caught the blonde having fun in the pool, and that was all she needed. She easily seduced this young babe and started having fun!

And by fun, I mean Monique Alexander lesbian action like you have never seen before!

As soon as Monique dropped her sleeping dress, blonde babe started licking her pussy and playing with her stunning boobs! It seems that they both liked this action, so they lifted it to another level!

Kissing Elsa's cunt in the pool may be the highlight of this alluring Monique Alexander lesbian scene, but when babe got the portion of satisfaction, she wanted to return Monique a favor! She started eating this tattooed redhead star as she has never before and Monique really liked it.

After some time, they went to the bed near the pool and their action reached the peak. They both screamed out loud in this magnificent Monique Alexander lesbian action and after they both came hard, Monique finally was satisfied…