Monique Alexander maid - Is she really this HOT?

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Mon, 24 Dec 2018

Having a marriage form interest isn't always the best idea and this stunning blonde pornstar called Monique Alexander has been convinced in that after she had a fight with her husband! What happened in their home is that this rich dude looked at her as a Monique Alexander maid, not his wife, a she got enough of that.

She was cleaning their home, and while she was doing it, her spoiled husband started yelling and throwing food at her and stuff on the floor, making her clean the places she has already cleaned over and over again. I felt sorry watching this attractive blonde doll, wearing a tight red dress and looking so damn hot that I really didn't like this Monique Alexander maid role!

After she made him a sandwich and after he got pissed and toss it over right in her face, babe got made, called the pizza boy and decided to do something for her instead! When the pizza delivery guy came, she got a perfect idea! She gave the pizza to her man, took the guy's hand and made him follow her to the bedroom! 

And then, something amazing was about to happen!

She wanted to get some respect, she knew that she worths more than her husband treats her, so she needed some self-esteem injection! When they came to the room, she closed to door and left Monique Alexander maid behind! She became someone else! 

Seducing this horny dude was easy and Monique knew it. She just lifted up her dress a bit, bend over to catch the money and her amazing ass and sexy thongs stuck out! Pizza delivery guy saw it and got hard immediately. This experienced cock addict noticed the lust in his eyes and decided to get herself a real treat! 

She dropped to her knees, pulled his dick out of pants and started sucking it like a real pro! He loved the way she was swallowing the entire thing, making it wet and slippery, and ready for some hardcore action.

In order to satisfy her even more, he grabbed her, pushed her on the bed, spread her legs and immersed in her tights and pussy! He licked her like never before, enjoying her heat and juices and making her swollen cunt walls trembling.

Moments after all this sloppy oral action, his massive male spear was in the depths of her vagina and Monique Alexander maid became just a memory! She was now a queen, riding her man's dick with passion and intensity she has not felt in a long time. 

All this gave her the strength and will to provide an ultimate pleasure to her lover and when he couldn't hold it off anymore, she sensed it, moved aside, dropped to her knees and started jerking his dick! He exploded in a big way, cumming hard in her mouth and on her face and she just loved it! In her slutty eyes, you could see that she was ready to do it all over again!