Only Anal - Gina Loves It!

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Sun, 25 Nov 2018
Gina Gerson is on her skateboard again today. She knows exactly who she wants to go to and she knows exactly what she wants today. Today she wants only anal!

She has known her old schoolmate Charlie for quite some time and she knows that he really loves her tight asshole. Gina just knows how to convince the boys. 

Arrived there they don't have to talk for long. "Gina, what are you looking forward to today, actually I don't have long time at all".

"You won't need much time today there is only anal today!

That was exactly what he had hoped for. He did not want to spoil a big foreplay or her pussy. Actually, he just wanted to fuck her horny ass. And exactly so it came then also. 

First she missed him a hot blowjob and then he asked again for safety: "Today really only anal? - "Oh yes Charlie!"

In all imaginable positions they did it. Fast, slow and totally crazy. Just like you would expect from Gina. In the big highlights he squirts her pussy full. She particularly likes that. He does not have to clean it!