Pornstar Fucks Fan - Would you choose Monique Alexander?

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Fri, 11 Jan 2019

Have you ever see a pornstar fucks fan scene? You have a lot of scenes of this type on the web and I have to admit that there is something in them that makes me so turned on! I mean, fucking a pornstar? They are all super-hot, with big tits, these slutty faces, and wet vaginas, just waiting for some good dick to please them! 

And you have to be aware that pleasing a pornstar is not a simple task! They are used to the best cocks, professionals, and you some can freeze in front of them! Let me explain that a little bit... Who is your favorite pornstar? Ok, now just imagine that such a perfect girl want you to fuck her hard? How long would you last? Are you sure that you would be able to fuck her as you want, hard and rough, for a long time? Think again...

But, I have to be honest; some random dudes are just born for porn industry! And pornstar fucks fan scenes with this kind of dudes are just awesome! I recently surfed the web and when I spotted this scene, I was stunned! Let me tell you what this is about...

One of my favorite pornstars is Monique Alexander! That astonishing redhead bitch with amazing tits and superb tattooed body is a girl of my dreams and when I saw her pornstar fucks fan porn, I simply had to take a look!

And man, I had something to see!

I just imagined myself in this role! Me, fucking hot pussy of Monique Alexander! Unbelievable! I played the video and it started normally... She was in her booth, signing photos and taking selfies with her fans... But then, one handsome fan approached her and in her eyes, I saw that she really wants him!

The was confuse! She invited him to enter the booth and she accepted the invitation, of course! Who wouldn't! As soon as he came inside, she started touching his bulge and when she noticed that he is hiding something pretty big in there, she smiled and she knew that this is going to be a great day...

Other fans were just standing there, watching and taking photos of this alluring redhead bombshell while she was sucking this pulsating long dong like a pro! She swallowed the whole thing, making it slippery and ready for action!

After that, this pornstar fucks fan action become even hotter! She spread her legs and invite him in! As soon as he stuck his massive cock deep inside of her pussy, she screamed and moaned, telling him that he is naturally gifted for this kind of job!

That made him even hornier and he started to fuck her with all he has! Pussy, ass, mouth, you named it! She gave it all to him and he really used his opportunity the best way possible! I'm so jealous, I have to admit!

I would give everything just to stick my dick deep in this tight pornstar's ass and to fuck her hard before I come all over her slutty face! Just the way this guy did!

For the end, I have to say that this is probably the best pornstar fucks fan scene and that everything is possible! Just keep dreaming!