Teen Girl Masturbation - Brought to Climax

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Sun, 25 Nov 2018
Kattie stands in front of the mirror and inspects her beautiful curves. The simple lace panty she had put on herself. I wonder if this will be a teen girl masturbation again?

She likes her own body very much and she is really satisfied with herself. But what she likes even more is how her hand gently caresses the natural tits. Slowly but surely she goes deeper and deeper until her hand reaches the tight white panties. From that moment on it was clear that this was going to be a hot teen girl masturbation.

Slowly the hand sneaks up on her tight cunt and starts to stimulate the clitoris in circling movements. Wow, that was a feeling. The feelings in her stomach were unbearable. Occasionally she took the fingers out of her pussy and licked them sensitively. So she could not only feel but also taste. That excites her especially.

For the perfect teen girl masturbation she finally laid down on the bed and pressed two fingers deep into her love tunnel. Wow, she was so wet down there. Slowly and carefully the fingers drove in and out. But she got faster and faster. Faster and faster Masturbierte the small red-haired Kattie and came the climax thereby ever nearer. When finally the orgasm brought her body to full ecstasy she could not move for a short time because of feelings. That was probably one of her most beautiful moments.